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Unlimited access to teaching resources for pastors, leaders, missionaries and those in need

Almost daily, we receive requests from fellowships and individuals to send or supply our resources and teaching materials. These requests come from all over the world. Many requests from third world countries, or from pastors and leaders who are restricted by poverty or environment, just cannot get hold of what they need to help feed those around them. We sat down and discussed how we might be able to support these valuable people and the idea of Sozo Cloud was born. It is a long overdue project, but we have made a start on making our messages and teaching materials available to access here without charge.

We are trusting that those who ask for a login will be those who otherwise would not be able to afford or pay for these products themselves. Our prayer is that Father God will use these materials to feed pastors, ministers and His sheep. Sozo Cloud will grow and develop over time, so please visit regularly to see what is available.

‘Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.’ John 21:17

If Sozo Cloud blesses you, we’d love to hear from you!

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