Christian Resources for individuals, groups, pastors and churches.

Almost daily, we receive requests from fellowships and individuals to send or supply our resources and teaching materials. These requests come from all over the world. Many requests from third world countries, or from pastors and leaders who are restricted by poverty or environment, just cannot get hold of what they need to help feed those around them. We sat down and discussed how we might be able to support these valuable people and the idea of Sozo Cloud was born. It is a long overdue project, but we have made a start on making our messages and teaching materials available to access here at an affordable price.

Our prayer is that Father God will use these materials to feed pastors, ministers and His sheep. Sozo Cloud will grow and develop over time, so please visit regularly to see what is available.

‘Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep.’ John 21:17

If Sozo Cloud blesses you, we’d love to hear from you!


It is our desire to bring the message of the whole gospel to God’s people and the world. Jesus died that we might be saved, healed and made whole. Holy Scripture proves that it is God’s best that we are whole in body, mind and spirit.

In the original Biblical language, the word “sozo” means saved, healed and whole. We believe Father God heals His people as they enter into worship in the presence of holiness, and in the power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

For more information about the Sozo Ministry, please visit our website; Sozo.org


Sozo has been providing resources for over 10 years but due the pandemic in 2020; it became increasingly apparent that a more widely accessible platform needed to be created to best meet Sozo's Vision of reaching as many people as possible.

The Sozo Cloud was redeveloped in 2022 to produce an easy-access archive filled with useful resources and tools for individuals, groups, pastors and churches across the world.

We charge for this service so we can continue to update it regularly as well as provide resources at no cost to those requesting it in third world nations and individuals unable to access teaching elsewhere.


How to use

Click on one of the links from the top menu (three line icon on mobile) to select how you'd like to browse the resources.

Click Browse By to select all the messages that have Audio, Video or Text; or

Click Topics to browse by message subject.

To sign out or change details on your subscription, click on the Account button on the menu.

Visit the Account page from the top menu, or click here.

Our monthly subscription will bill you on the month anniversary of your signup date via our secure payment portal. Thank you for supporting the Sozo ministry. 

If you are looking for a specific message and know it’s title or subject – you can search for your message by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right of the website (desktop).

We have uploaded multiple resources to the SOZO CLOUD, each with their own page. For our most resourced messages, its’ page contains a readable PDF, an audio recording to listen to and a video to watch. However, not every message has all three resources available at this time.

You can also visit the ‘Request‘ page to specifically request that we add an existing message to the cloud, if none of the Video / Audio / Text is available. 

The most recent messages are displayed on the home page, once you have logged in. You can find this section here.

Yes you can purchase some of the resources listed here for external use. A lot of the media and resources on the SOZO CLOUD is available for purchase on the Sozo Christian Bookshop here.

If you are stuck or unable to load content on your device, please ensure you have a solid internet connection. A lot of the media on this website may require a good connection.

If you are still unable to load the content, please contact us so that we can look into it further for you. Please provide the page URL that the problem is occurring on as well as the name of the device and browser you are using. Contact us here.